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What is the Softomotive People1st Approach for RPA?

The Softomotive People1st Approach turns the world of RPA on its head, making the democratisation of RPA a reality. Everyone is a citizen developer equipped to accelerate “bottom-up” innovation of process automation. Such automations are only fully deployed on an enterprise-wide basis once they have been centrally tested and proven.

6 reasons why it’s time for a People1st Approach for RPA

Low upfront costs

Get started without a server or any other significant costs.

Lower Risk

Start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly.

Supercharge Innovation

A bottom-up or “pull” strategy accelerates process discovery and automation.

Realize the full potential of RPA

Reach beyond the “low hanging” fruit or easy to identify processes to maximise business outcomes.

Increase Agility

End users can automate, what they want, when they want, collaboratively.

High People Engagement

Everyone is empowered to become a citizen developer

Advanced RPA solutions for a People1st Approach

Softomotive is the longest standing RPA vendor to offer both a desktop version WinAutomation, as well as server-based unattended and attended automation solutions ProcessRobot. Both of which are quick to deploy and are priced to scale


The world’s leading desktop process automation tool. The desktop version is easily installed on everyone’s computer to accelerate process discovery and development.


A leading enterprise RPA platform for automation of processes that are generated either top-down or by a bottom-up, People1st Approach.