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Business Challenge

Reventics helps healthcare providers manage complexity by providing an end-to-end revenue cycle management service that not only promises to accelerate the claims process, but also guarantees full compliance with all relevant healthcare and data privacy regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Reventics employees spent many hours manually handling mundane aspects of the claims processing cycle, such as data validation. This not only increased turnaround times and processing costs, but also prevented talented employees from focusing on higher value tasks.


Reventics decided to run a one-month trial of ProcessRobot from Softomotive, which delivered convincing results. As a consequence, Reventics began working on a full-scale implementation of the software. As with any RPA initiative, it was vital for Reventics to not only choose the right solution, but also adopt an appropriate governance framework for the deployment and management of RPA projects.

ProcessRobot is an intuitive solution, and the Reventics RPA team was able to start building its first bots without needing any formal training from Softomotive.


  • Reventics has already seen significant return on its investment in ProcessRobot.
  • The company has seen transaction processing speed increase by 65 percent.
  • Around 95 percent of claim validation tasks can now be processed accurately by its bots, significantly reducing human intervention and minimizing errors.
  • The company estimates it has already saved the equivalent of around 34 full-time employees.
  • It can now demonstrate that sensitive information about clients and patients is processed entirely within the walls of its secure, HIPAA-certified data center.