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Chazey Partners is Partnering with Softomotive to Support and Deliver Automation Solutions for its Clients

Blog 10/10/2017

Chazey Partners, a specialist global management consulting firm, is pleased to announce a new worldwide partnership with Softomotive, a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to help organizations achieve greater efficiencies and more streamlined operations through automation.

Softomotive automation vendor has finalized an agreement with Chazey Partners as part of the company’s consulting services offering, to support clients’ automation journeys, including producing client specific roadmaps linked to enterprise strategy and technology landscape and plans. In addition, Chazey provides direct RPA implementation and maintenance support, and focused user training, to ensure the successful deployment and return from chosen vendor software solutions.

With proper roadmapping, software selection and implementation, maintenance and training, the new wave of intelligent automation, including RPA, provides consistent, accurate and faster processing, leading to significantly greater efficiency. This is achieved by freeing up “human” resources from repetitive, mundane tasks and replacing them with “robots”. This then enables the human team to then focus on higher value tasks and services, including analytics and decision support.

Phil Searle, Founder and CEO of Chazey Partners commented, “We are delighted to partner with Softomotive. They are a distinguished provider with an impressive client list and track record achieved in a short timeframe. We are excited to offer Softomotive’s RPA technology to our clients as we continue to expand our offerings and provide additional technologies and automation options to benefit our clients.”

“We are excited to be part of Chazey Partners’ digital transformation offering for their customers. Adding Softomotive robust RPA platform to their service offerings, Chazey Partners will be able to expand their automation capabilities, build a flexible digital workforce model and introduce a new era of process efficiencies to their global clients,” commented Marios Stavropoulos, Founder and CEO, Softomotive.

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