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CIO Advisor Honors Softomotive with “Top 10 APAC Robotic Process Automation Companies – 2017” Certificate

Blog 28/09/2017

Softomotive is acknowledged by CIO Advisor as one of the Top 10 APAC Robotic Process Automation Companies in 2017, for exhibiting excellence in delivering Robotic Process Automation solutions for the Asia-Pacific region.

In the light of RPA being estimated to become one of the largest markets in the following decades (Transparency Market Research has valued the IT robotic automation market at approximately $5 billion by 2020), CIO Advisor’s distinguished panel of Editors have thoroughly examined multiple vendors and solution providers to funnel down the ones who are at the forefront of the industry in terms of innovation and services expertise.

As a result, Softomotive has been honored with the certificate of “Top 10 APAC Robotic Process Automation Companies – 2017” in CIO Advisor’s RPA special issue.

“This acknowledgement is a true reward of our continuous investment in delivering an agile, flexible, cutting edge robotic workforce to our customers, while listening carefully to their needs. Our goal is to provide a technology that is reliable, secure and scalable, fit to drive real-life, large-scale implementations,” commented Deppy Charami, Marketing Director, Softomotive.

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Softomotive RPA is a powerful automation platform that enables organizations to develop, manage and track their own digital workforce. With unique features that can support complex real-life automation scenarios, Softomotive robots are capable of working in collaboration with the user or autonomously with no supervision as self-reliant agents. These digital agents may perform any number of processes throughout the enterprise leveraging sophisticated security features that guarantee reliable access of all enterprise assets and safe guarding of business processes.

With powerful BI and Analytics integrated into the platform, Softomotive RPA allows business managers to build their own custom dashboards and access detailed reporting to monitor their digital workforce performance real-time. The company brings intelligent enterprise automation solutions for the BFSI sector, to help banks and financial institutions innovate from the inside. Building a Center of Excellence (CoE) allows for central development, management and tracking of processes, in a way that actionable insights can be generated to accelerate return on investment.

“At Softomotive we are constantly evolving our technology to provide best-in-class solutions for large deployment automation needs. We focus on securing a stable automation environment, fit to drive growth and bring the benefits of scale,” said Marios Stavropoulos, CEO and founder, Softomotive, during his interview with CIO Advisor.

Read the full article on CIO Advisor website.

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