Blog 11/12/2017

Softomotive is proud to sponsor the RPA & Cognitive Congress in Bangalore, India on December 12-13, 2017. This event will assemble leading service delivery and automation professionals to discuss Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the benefits and opportunities of this new and exciting technology, and its real-world implementation challenges.

Please join our round tables & networking session led by Balaji Hariharan, Director at Softomotive India & Asia-Pacific, for an opportunity to discuss RPA with your peers.

What: Round Tables & Networking Session (Hosted by Softomotive)
When: 2:35PM on December 12, 2017
Key Discussion Points:

  • Process Selection: How to decide which processes you should automate, and which you should leave alone. Process maturity & suitability.
  • Tool selection: How to pick the right tool for your requirements. What’s available, off-shelf now? ‘Unattended’ RPA or ‘Attended’ RDA?
  • Implementation partner selection: How do you qualify the right partner for your requirements?

Prominent speakers will include top industry leaders from Target, HSBC, Boeing, and others.

Key Topics Include:

  • Quantifying and unlocking the potential of RPA
  • Implementing RPA
  • Scaling RPA
  • ‘Supercharging’ RPA
  • Digital Transformation

Visit the official event website.

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