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Looking at RPA through a different lens
Blog 20/02/2019

This is the title of the presentation that our CMO Bob Weare will be presenting today at the IA Exchange in Berlin. Softomotive always likes to provide a fresh perspective on the RPA market and this is no different.

Bob will share insights from our global survey on RPA for growth companies, with a spotlight on the German market, especially how it compares with the rest of the world. For instance, the RPA market in Germany is more advanced than elsewhere with 57% of companies actively implementing RPA in some shape or form, compared to say India (51%) and the US (46%). There are some marked differences, for example, German companies prefer to deploy RPA on-premise (largely due to data security concerns), and compliance with regulation is a major driver to adopt RPA (ranks second in importance compared to 7th and 12th in the US and UK respectively).

9% of German companies say that their RPA program is stalled in some way which is twice as high as the global average (4%). Increasingly, there is more and more coverage that companies worldwide are struggling when it comes to scaling RPA in their business; and as Germany is a more mature market than the rest, the problem of stalled RPA programs looks like a trend that might be replicated elsewhere. If this becomes the case, it will put RPA under the microscope more so than ever before as a way to achieve meaningful business outcomes. To find out more RPA insights for German Growth companies visit

The second part of Bob’s presentation highlights the six reasons why the current approach to RPA is flawed and why a new way to deploy RPA is necessary. It will introduce the Softomotive People1st Approach to RPA which is designed to do just that and also outline the seven-step blueprint to adopt such an approach.