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Metanet and Softomotive Team up to Amplify Digital Transformation Services for the Korean Market

Blog 06/03/2018

Softomotive, one of the leading worldwide providers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology has today announced its partnership with Daewoo Information Systems Co., Ltd., a Metanet company and the largest independent IT services firm in Korea with a broad range of clientele across industries such as public service, financial services, manufacturing, retail and CPG.

Softomotive’s powerful automation platform enables organizations to develop, manage and track their own digital workforce. With unique features that can support complex real-life automation scenarios, Softomotive RPA is known as one of the most reliable and scalable automation solutions in the market.

This partnership acts as a catalyst for establishing RPA services in the Korean market and sets Daewoo Information Systems and Metanet companies as early market leaders. Although RPA market trends project rapid growth globally, today’s Korean market has very few firms operating a dedicated team for RPA services. Metanet’s experienced SMEs across multiple industries have allowed for the formation of a dedicated RPA team to drill down market needs and operate services in Korea’s local markets.

This new partnership reinforces the continued investment in digital transformation as a focus area of Metanet at a corporate level. Metanet and Softomotive will partner to build RPA services market in Korea by leveraging the power of Softomotive RPA to improve cycle time, eliminate errors, and provide better support for Metanet’s new and existing clients.

Softomotive’s RPA technology and solution will enhance various business services by Metanet companies including Daewoo Information Systems. Metanet provides a broad range of services and solutions in consulting, digital, technology and operations. In addition, Metanet will be able to expand its business span to packaged RPA solution and managed services. With RPA, Metanet’s clientele can meet demand, maintain optimal resource allocation, dramatically reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency.

Metanet got off to a flying start by combining RPA with other distinguished services. For instance, RPA has already started to perform as virtual FTEs in existing IT Outsourcing accounts serviced by Daewoo Information Systems and contact center operation services by Metanet MCC, resulting in notable improvements to both service quality and agility. Metanet Global provides consulting services to develop RPA services.

Metanet Global is a consulting firm rebranded from Accenture Korea, exclusively providing Accenture assets, expertise and experiences to clients in Korea. Metanet MCC is Korea’s largest contact center operations company with total CRM solutions.

Korea’s RPA software and services market is new, but growing quickly. “RPA adoption is being fueled by the need to increase productivity and gain efficiencies to meet the needs of rapidly moving global demands,” said Marios Stavropoulos, CEO, Softomotive. “That’s exactly why we are constantly improving our technology to provide the best automation solutions. We are very excited to have Metanet as a partner and to help expand RPA in the Korean market.”

“The addition of Softomotive’s RPA to Metanet’s digital tool arsenal will ensure we help our clients become competitive with higher efficiency and accuracy,” said Taeha Lee, Chief Executive of Daewoo Information Systems. “Combining RPA with our market leading capabilities in IT services, Metanet would be able to further enhance the value delivered to our clients and advance digital transformation.”

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