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Accessing User Library Designer

You can access the User Library Designer (ULD) through Process Studio. Simply click the User Libraries tab from the vertical Tab Menu on the left of the screen and then click again on the New User Library button (first option from the left in the standard horizontal Toolbar).


This will result to a pop-up “Create New User Library” window asking you to define the name of the User Library and the tool you wish to use in order to start developing your library.

The User Library Designer will appear on your screen directly if you select the User Library Designer option.


If you select the Macro Recorder or the Web Recorder options, the User Library Designer will open after you click Finish on the respective Recording facilities. Just like in Process Designer, these options allow you to start your creative process through the recording and automated conversion of mouse clicks and keystrokes into Process Robot predefined Actions.

In any case, please know that whatever you choose now, you can invoke these Recorders at any time through their respective characteristic icon buttons in the main Toolbar of User Library Designer.