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Add a new SideBot

In the "Settings > Robots" tab you can add new Sidebots and Solobots.

Lets see how you can add a Sidebot:

While in the Sidebot tab, click on the "New Robot" option and you will get the "New Sidebot" pop-up window. This window will have three tabs.

The first one is the "General" tab. You can give a Name to your Sidebot, assign it to a User, add it to a Group and to an Environment.


The second tab is the "Concurrency Policy" tab which is exactly the same as explained in the "Process Properties >Concurrency_Policy"

The third tab is the "Security" tab in which you can add any Role to your new Sidebot that you have previously created in the "Settings > Roles" tab. Also, for each of the Roles that you have added to the Sidebot, you are able to Allow or Deny the right to 'Execute Processes on Robot'. This means that any User assigned the particular Role will or will not be able to run Processes on this Robot, depending on how the Permissions have been configured in this window.

Additional Permissions can be configured in the Security Tab of the New Robot window, which apply to SoloBots. These are: 'Take Screenshot of Robot', 'View Robot Screen', and 'View and Control Robot Screen'.