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Calculated Fields

The Dashboard Designer provides the capability to create calculated fields that allow you to apply complex expressions to data fields that are obtained from the dashboard's data source.

You can use these fields in data visualizations as regular data source fields.

To create a calculated field, right-click the entries pane and select Add Calculated Field in the context menu.

This invokes the Expression Editor dialog, which allows you to specify an expression that will be used to obtain calculated field values. Here, you can construct the required expression.

calculated fields.png

In your expressions you can use functions, aggregate functions, operators, fields, constants and parameters.

After the expression has been specified you can click OK to add the calculated field in the entries list.

You can right click the Calculated field to change it's name, type as well as to edit and delete it.

The types from which you can select are, String, Integer, Decimal, Double, Boolean and DateTime.