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CaptureFast Actions

CaptureFast is a Cloud-Based Document and Data Capture Application that helps Users extract data from physical or digital documents. Supported files are PDF, TIFF, PNG, and JPG.

To use the “CaptureFast” group of Actions, an account is required. The User can connect to it by using the “Connect to CaptureFast Account” Action. Note that upon creating an account, a team with an ID is also created.

To extract data from a document, the User must first create or use an existing document’s template. In addition, the User must specify which fields to capture.

Once these steps have been completed, the User may upload the document by using the “Upload Document to CaptureFast” Action. In this Action, the User must define the Template Id as well as the Team Id.

Finally, the “Get Results from CaptureFast Document” Action returns all the results in JSON format.

More details on how to make configurations within the CaptureFast online platform can be found in this article:

CaptureFast Actions

CaptureFast Actions:

Connect to CaptureFast Account Action

Upload Document to CaptureFast Action

Get Results From CaptureFast Document Action