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Classify Image Action

This Action invokes the IBM service named Classify.

API Key:

Specify the API Key to be used for this call.

Version Date:

Specify the release date of the version of the API you want to use.

Provide Image:

Select the way that you want to provide the image. You can either specify the full path of the image or a URL address of it.

Image File Path:

Specify the full file path of the image file (.jpg, or .png) or compressed (.zip) file of images to classify.

Image URL:

Specify the URL of the image that you want to classify.


(Optional Parameter). Specify as a comma-separated list, which classifiers to run.

Classifier Ids:

(Optional Parameter). Specify a comma-separated list of the classifier IDs used to classify the images.


(Optional Parameter). Specify as a floating value the minimum score a class must have to be displayed in the response.


(Optional Parameter). Specify the language of the output.

Store Response into:

Enter a name to be the variable that you want to store the API response results in.

Store Status Code:

Enter a name to be the variable that you want to store the status code returned in.