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Create Azure Managed Disk

This Action creates an Azure managed disk with the specified settings.


Azure Connection:

Specify the Azure connection to use to create the managed disk.

Disk Name:

Specify the name of the disk you wish to detach from the virtual machine.

Resource Group Option:

Specify whether a new resource group will be created or an existing one will be used.

Resource Group Name:

Specify the resource group where the disk will be created.


Specify the location where the new disk will be created.

Source Type:

Specify whether to create an empty disk or use the snapshot of another disk or use a blob in a storage account.

Disk Size in GB:

Specify the size of the managed disk to create in GB.

Storage Account Type:

Specify the type of the disk to create.

Availability Zone:

Specify the availability zone for the managed disk.

Snapshot Name:

Specify the snapshot to use as a source.

Snapshot's Resource Group:

Specify the resource group of the snapshot.

Blob URL:

Specify the URL of the blob.