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Credential Manager

In the Credential Manager tab you may add credentials for desktop or web applications and encrypt them. Once you add the credentials that you want to use in your Robots, then the "Get Credential" or "Update Credential" can be used to get or update a credential's value respectively.


The Credential Manager Tab has three buttons:

-New Credentials:

Credentials: Click this button to add a new general credential group. A general credential has two default properties, Username and Password, but the User can add additional properties. Similarly, the User can also remove properties. Both of these capabilities are achieved by clicking on the plus '+' or minus '-' buttons in the right hand area of the Credential window.


NT Credentials: Click 'NT Credentials' from the dropdown list under 'New Credentials' to add a new NT Credential group. An NT Credential group corresponds to the login credentials of an Active Directory user. NT Credentials can be used for the Solobot Auto Login feature, in case the 'Provide Password from Credentials' is selected.


An NT Credentials group has three properties: Username, Password and Domain. Unlike general credentials, none of these can be removed, nor can additional properties be added.


-Edit: Edit an existing credential group and edit the existing credentials or add new ones.


Credentials can be designated as Read-only using the relevant checkbox. Doing so will prohibit the Credential from being updated through the Update Credential Action.


Credentials can also be assigned different values based on the Lifecycle stage of the Process which retrieves them. When both the 'On Review use Production Values' and 'On Development use Review Values' checkboxes are checked, only one set of values can be entered in the Credential.


Unchecking the 'On Review use Production Values' checkbox, for example, will allow the User to enter a different set of values for the same Credentials group to be used only when the Process is in Review. The same can be done for the Production stage as well.


Another noteworthy feature of the Credential Manager is that if you uncheck the Hidden box for a Credential Property that were up until recently hidden, it is erased. That way even the Administrator of the Control Desk cannot take advantage of their position and steal Credentials that might belong to someone else like the CEO or CFO of your organization.


In the Security Tab, permissions can be assigned to specific credentials, to allow or restrict access to certain ProcessRobot User Roles.

-Delete: Delete an existing group of credentials, just by clicking on it to highlight it and press on the Delete button.