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Dashboard Designer - Introduction

Insights Dashboard, is a business intelligence analytics tool and key component of Softomotive Process Robot Enterprise RPA platform. Insights Dashboard allows for custom KPI tracking and monitoring and therefore it is mainly interesting for Senior Managers, who would like to have a picture of the high-level performance of the RPA system. Data in the Insights Dashboard, are being inserted by the use of the “Update KPI” action in the Process Studio.

The Update KPI action has the field to set your own name. Next, you can find the value by which the KPI will be updated as well as the dimensions with the values that you would like to measure per KPI.

Please keep in mind, that the unique feature here is that you can customize your own KPI's.

Except from the KPI’s name and the dimensions, we can visualize the KPI’s according to the Environment, the Process, the Robot that were executed. Additionally, we can set the timestamp to view our results over time as well as set custom values.

Creating custom KPI graphs with this business intelligence analytics tool, allowing Senior Managers to review trends of these KPIs, as they are retrieved directly from the robots.

Access to performance analytics and real-time monitoring of organizational goals can be achieved and also an ROI calculator is available.

Insights Dashboard can be integrated with other commercially available analytics tools, such as Tableau or Cognos, but of course it can be used as stand-alone tool as well.