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Dashboard Designer Window

The Dashboard Designer has the following menu groups and panes:

insights dashboard 1.png

1. Main Menu Tabs:

In the main menu tabs, you can go and select if you view the Click, the Data or the Design menus.

2. File:

In the File group you can create a new dashboard, open an existing one, save/save as a dashboard that you are developing. 

3. History:

Using the history group, you can undo and redo changes on the dashboards that you are developing.

4. Insert:

In the insert group you can insert different kind of available items.

5. Item:

In this group, you can duplicate items, delete them, remove their data items and transpose the data.

6. Dashboard:

Using the dashboard group, you can insert titles, change the currency, edit colors as well as set the dashboard to update automatically.

7. KPI Entries:

In the KPI entries pane, you can view and select which KPI entries you will use.

8. Data Items:

In the Data Items pane, you can select the KPI entries as values, dimensions and series you use within the items.

9. Process Dashboard:

In the Process Dashboard pane, you develop your final dashboards.