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Data Tools

After you have inserted a Grid in your Dashboard, you are able to filter the results according to your preference.


You can edit filters of the data shown in the grid. Filtering can be done according to the values items used in the columns, Sparkline and dimensions of the grid.

Pressing the clear button, you can remove all the filters being used.


You can use the single master filter, to make all dashboard items, show data corresponding to the element you have selected.

Similarly, you can use the multiple master filter, to make the dashboard items show data corresponding to multiple selected elements.

The Drill Down option, enables you to click an element within the dashboard item and display the detailed data related to this element.

Interactivity Settings

Using the cross-data-source filtering, you can allow the master filter to affect dashboard items that display data from other data sources.

In this instance, filtering is performed if full names of data source fields match.

You can select the option to ignore master filters in the dashboard.