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In the Deployment Tab you can specify the Processes you want to be available on a specific Sidebot without their user having access on any other ProcessRobot component (Control Desk, Process Studio, etc):


After specifying the Robot Pool on which the Sidebot belongs to, you will be presented with a number of additional settings grouped together under the name Deployment Data (if this Sidebot does not belong to any Pool then create one that will contain it via Settings>Robot Pools):


Through the Deployment Data you can specify:

The Process Name: The name of the Process you want to make available in this Pool of Robots.

Folder: Here you can specify the folder path that will be shown in the Sidebot, which will contain the Process (for additional details please refer to the "Deploy a Process to a Sidebot" topic).

Hotkey: Assign a hot-key to the Process, so when this hot-key is pressed from the Sidebot user, the Process will fire immediately on the target Robot.

Help Text: A description that you can give to the Process in regards to what is supposed to do.


After pressing OK you can check the impact of your actions by opening the Sidebot affected (double-click on the ProcessRobot icon in the System Tray - the System Tray is that group of icons at the right of the Windows Taskbar):


You can Stop All Processes running from this Sidebot at anytime, using the Stop All Processes Hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+T).