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Developing the Pie

After selecting the pie, we can now set all the items shown in the chart by setting them as arguments, series and values. Moreover, we can right click on the items to rename them.

Similar to the chart, we will set as the series the City, as the argument the Category and the Name that we are going to filter the results with, as the value.

Once again order to be able to view only the results of this KPI, we will add the Name of the KPI as the dimension so that we are able to filter it using the filter editor.


The final result, is a series of pies showing the records for the categories, according to each city.

In the same Dashboard, we added one more pie that demonstrates the amounts spent per Continent. To come to this result, we set the Continent as the Argument and the Sum as the Value. Once again, we filter the results according to the KPI Name set as a dimension.