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Display Message Action

This Action displays a message box.


Message Box Title:

Enter the text, or a previously defined Variable, to be used as the Message Box title.

Message To Display:

Enter the text, or a previously defined Variable, to be displayed as the actual message.

Message Box Icon:

Choose which Icon to display with the Message Box.

Message Box Buttons:

Choose which buttons to display on the Message Box.

Default Button:

Choose which button is highlighted by default. If the user presses {Enter}, this button will be pressed.

Keep Message Box Always on Top:

Choose whether the Message Box should always remain on top of all other windows.

Close Message Box Automatically:

Choose whether Message Box closes automatically after a preset time as if the default button was pressed. Otherwise, the process will wait until a button is pressed by the user.


Choose how many seconds to pause the process while waiting for input, until continuing automatically.

Store Button Pressed into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will store the text of the button pressed.