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Download File(s) from FTP Action

This Action downloads one or more files from an FTP server.


FTP Connection:

Enter the Variable containing the previously opened FTP Connection you wish to download from.

File(s) to Download:

Enter the name of the file(s), file path(s), or a Variable containing the file(s) that you wish to download.

Download into Folder:

Enter the full path of a folder, or a Variable containing a folder to be the destination of the file(s) you are downloading.

Transfer Type:

Enter ASCII or binary if you wish to specify the method for downloading a single file. If you're not sure what type the file will be, or if you are downloading more than one, choose Auto so ProcessRobot will follow the transfer rules specified in Settings > General > FTP from the ProcessRobot Control Desk.

If File Exists:

Choose what you want to do if the file already exists. "Overwrite" writes over the original file, and "Download with Unique Name" adds an underscore and a sequential number to the end.