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Download from Web Action

This action downloads text from a web page, or a file from the web, and stores it.



First choose http or https protocol, then enter the remainder of the web address.


Choose how you want to retrieve a website's information. Choose GET if all information needed is in the URL, and choose POST if you need to enter more information (passwords, etc).

Return Data:

Specify how the returned data will be stored. If you are downloading a webpage, you can choose Get Text so you can access it directly. Otherwise, or if you are downloading a file, choose Save to Disk.

Post Parameters:

Click here to Add, Edit, or Delete details for a Post's Parameter(s).

Connection Timeout:

Specify the time (in seconds) that the agent should wait for a connection to be established with the server, before giving up.

Follow Redirection:

Choose whether you want to allow the web server to redirect you to another web page or website.

Clear Cookies:

Choose whether you want to clear all cookies created by similar actions during this Process before this action. Note that ProcessRobot does not interact with existing cookies, and that old cookies are not used or affected by the Process, and no new cookies are made by the Process. Therefore this only applies to cookies created by other Actions in this Process.

User Agent:

Choose which browser identity you wish to be seen as. Some web servers will not allow you access unless you choose a browser identity.


Choose the encoding used for the web page. If you choose Auto-detect the encoding to be used will be specified by the web server.

Accept Untrusted Certificates:

Choose whether the server should accept untrusted certificates.

File Name:

Choose whether you want to keep the original name of the downloaded file, or you want to specify a new name. In the first case you will need to provide just the destination folder where the file will be saved. In the second case you will need to provide the full path of the downloaded file (destination folder plus the new file name).

Destination File Path:

Enter or choose a file path, or a previously stored variable, to specify the full path (folder plus filename) where the file returned by the web server will be stored.

Destination Folder:

Enter or choose a local folder, or a previously stored variable containing a folder, to specify the folder where the file returned from the web server will be saved.

Store Web Page Text into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will store the Webpage text.

Store Downloaded File into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will store the file object.

HTTP Authentication:

Specify whether or not the web server requires authentication. This property refers to HTTP authentication (that is, when the browser displays a pop-up window asking for user name and password).

User Name:

Enter the User Name for the web server here.

Enter Password:

If you choose 'directly', the password entered in the Password field will be hidden. If you choose 'as variable' it will expect you to enter a variable and treat the '%' as an indicator of a variable, not part of the password.


Enter the Password here. You may enter either a text, or a variable containing the password depending on the selection of the previous property (Enter Password).