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Drag and Drop Element in Window Action

Drags and Drops an Element of a Window



Click on Select Control from Repository button and a box with all controls will appear. Hover over camera icon to preview the control's image.

Advanced Properties Tab - Click-Type:

Specify which mouse button to use for clicking and holding down, while dragging the element over to its destination.

Advanced Properties Tab - Drag and Drop Targets Mouse Position Relative to Element:

For occasions where the target element is part of a parent element and cannot be identified as a separate control ( when selected from the General Properties tab), you have to select the overall element and in the Advanced Properties Tab set the specific area of the element you want to place your cursor and click.

To do so you may initially select one of the nine parts in which the element is divided to place your the cursor, while for more fine tuning of cursor's position you may also define the Offset (in pixels) for X and Y axes relative to the control element’s border or corner (as defined by the red arrow in each part).

offset for click element.png

e.g. for the setting above the cursor will be placed in the middle right section of the control element 2 px left from the right border and 5px lower from the middle.