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Editing User Libraries

Right-clicking on any Version item of the History Dialog Box gives you the option to Checkout this Version. Checking-out a version will create an uncommitted instance of that Version available to you for editing the moment you will open your User Library with User Library Designer. (To open a Library simply double click on the User Library Icon on the left of its name in the central viewport.) This is also why the program requires you first to close any open Versions of this User Library in your machine before you are able to open a checked out version of any specific Library.


Users should be aware that editing already published libraries has its limits. You cannot add, remove or change the name of Input or Output parameters, you can simply tamper with the Library’s logic (add or remove actions in the Workspace, add or remove controls etc).

This is essentially a form of protection of one’s own self, as changes in Published Libraries are taking effect immediately, influencing all Processes in which they are playing an active role. If you feel it absolutely necessary to add or remove Parameters from your Action then you are advised to create a new User Action within the same Library (all Functions of a User Library are accessible from all of its User Actions).