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Enate is a Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform. Through this platform, Users can break down business processes, called "Cases" on Enate, into smaller tasks, called "Actions" and "Tickets". Users can then allocate these Actions and Tickets so that each can be performed by a human, RPA software, or artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and digital agents.

ProcessRobot is integrated with Enate and provides interaction with the platform through the following Actions:

Enate Actions:

Login to Enate

Is Work Available on Enate

Get More Work from Enate

Create Case on Enate

Get Case from Enate

Update Case on Enate

Create Ticket on EnateCreate Ticket on Enate

Get Ticket from EnateGet Ticket from Enate

Update Ticket on EnateUpdate Ticket on Enate

Get Action from Enate

Update Action on Enate

Update Checklist on Enate

Reject Work from Enate

Add File to Enate Item

Save File from Enate

Logout from Enate