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Error Handling

Behavior Tab

If a Process fails to execute successfully, you can specify what will happen here in the Options > Error Handling Tab. You can choose none, one, some, or ALL of the following:

1. Send an email, possibly with multiple recipients (separated by semi-colons), after the details set in the Error Handling > Email Settings Tab.

Please note that here you have the option to capture and attach a Screenshot of your entire screen the moment of failure if you tick the Attach Screenshot check box. This option will not Add a Screenshot to Logs. For this to happen you need to check [6] Add Screenshot to Logs.

2. Run another Process from your Processes database.

3. Write Event to text file whose path you can specify: The Event will be written at the end, so you can keep a running log of any Process failures.

In case the selected file is protected, you have to set the respective permissions for the ProcessRobot Server virtual user. You can find more information about permissions in the Configuring File and Folder Permissions topic.

4. Record to the Windows Applications Event Log. You can view the Windows Event Logs through Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer on your workstation.

5. You can choose to set the failing Process as Erroneous. Setting a Process as Erroneous means that any Triggers or Schedules using this Process will not fire until a new version of it emerge from Review in Production replacing the one that caused failure.

6. Add Screenshot to Logs will do exactly that: produce a screenshot at failure that will be available for viewing and saving through the Audit Tab (last column at the right without title).

7. Capture Video Log of the error that occurs on a Process running on a Solobot machine so as to access the recorded video through the Audit Tab and reduce the troubleshooting time to minimum.


In any case, the execution of any Process along the result of the execution will always be recorded in the Audit Tab.

Important! The settings and details you will enter here will be used ONLY by the Global Error Handling that defines the default behavior of your Control Desk when a Process (any Process) fails. This is the 4th level of Error-Exception handling on Process Robot.

If you specify to send an email on the unsuccessful execution of any Process as default behavior on Settings > Error Handling, you will need to fill in all settings and relative details here like SMTP Server, Port, Enable SSL, Username and Password in order for Process Robot to be able to send an e-mail: