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Error Video Log

The Video Logs option opens the Video Logs List Window. Here, you can access the captured Video Logs from the Processes that have been deployed on one or more Solobots and their execution resulted in an error. Please, note that the the Video Log will be captured only if the corresponding check-box is selected on the global Error Handling tab or the Error Handling tab in Process Properties.Error Handling


The Video Logs List window has the following options to apply:

1. Refresh the list so as to add the recently created Video Logs.

2. Download Locally the Video Log files to the machine that has the Control Desk installed. The default location of the Video Log files is the user's Videos folder.

3. Play a selected Video Log that has been downloaded locally. Upon pressing the Play button, two windows open side by side, the Video of the Process' execution on the Solobot machine along with the step by step execution representing its Process' Designer window. Hence, you are able to review how each action affects the execution of the Process and the values assigned to variables, as if you were running the Process from the Process Designer.


4. Delete a Video Log from the list. This option will remove the Video Log both from the local and the Solobot machine.

5. Delete Locally a Video Log that you have previously downloaded locally. The saved Video Log on the Solobot machine will not be affected.

6. Open Local Log option opens a window that allows you to access and view a Video Log, saved in a specific file-path.