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Extract Text With OCR Action

This action extracts text from the image-source specified: A region of the screen, a window, an image file on the disk and so on.


OCR Engine:

Select the Engine you want to use for the OCR operation.

OCR Source:

Choose whether you want to search for the specified Image in the foremost Window only, or the entire visible screen. Neither choice will find the Image if it is not clearly visible on the screen.

Search Mode:

Specify whether you want to scan the entire screen (or window) to find the supplied image or only a narrowed down subregion of it.

X1 Y1 X2 Y2:

Specify the subregion of the screen/window/image to narrow down the scan to.


Specify the image to use as a Image for narrowing the scan down to a subregion which is positionally relative to said Image.


Specify a value for how much the Image searched for can differ from the originally chosen Image.

Sub-region relative to Image:

Specify the subregion (relative to the top left corner of the Image image you've specified) which you would like to have it scanned for its text.

Scanned Text:

Enter a name to be the variable that will store the text which got extracted using OCR.

OCR Language:

Select the language of the image that the OCR will be performed

Wait for image to appear:

Choose whether you want the action to wait if the image is not found on the screen or foreground window. If this property is not checked and the image is not found the action will through an exception, otherwise the action will wait until the image appears. In the next property you can specify the maximum number of seconds (timeout) to wait.

Fail if image does not appear within x seconds:

Specify whether the action should wait indefinitely for the image to appear or throw an exception after a set number of seconds (if the specified Image does not get found).