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In the Settings > General tab you can specify:

1. The Name of the ProcessRobot Installation.

2. The ID of the ProcessRobot Installation.

3. The Master Key for your Process Robot. This Master Key will be the one that will be used to encrypt all the provided user passwords required for the Autologin feature to work on Solobots, as well as the hidden values for the credentials. It is up to the administrator of the process Robot to Set or Change it. Please note that, the Master Key can only be reset if the user knows the old one.

4. The time period after which User passwords will expire. This applies only to Users added as the ProcessRobot type of User, not Active Directory. This expiration date can be overridden when creating or editing a specific User of that type in Settings > Users.

5. A Hotkey that when pressed will stop all the Processes on all Robots.


6. When working with FTP, downloads and uploads always come as ASCII or binary. Here you can select which files will be transferred as ASCII - the rest will default to binary. Just enter the file extension you wish to add and click Add Filetype, or Remove any File Type you don't wish to have on the list.

When downloading or uploading files (using the Download File(s) from FTP and Upload File(s) to FTP actions) you can specify the transfer type to be ASCII, BINARY or AUTO. If you select AUTO, ProcessRobot will use this list to decide whether the file will be transferred in ASCII or binary mode. This list is also used by the Download Folder(s) from FTP and Upload Folder(s) to FTP actions for deciding how to transfer the files contained into the folders.