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The first tab in the Processes Properties is the "General" tab.


1. Description: Enter a description and your notes, which will be mostly used for documentation purposes. If you need to remember something about the Process, or tell someone else about it, write it here.

2. Automatic Logging: If this option is checked the Logs/Audit will contain all the info for every step/action executed in the Process.

3. Use a Secure Screen: If you check this option, the screen will turn blue upon running the Process and no one will be able to see what the Process does. The only visible window will be the Notification Window.


4. Max allowed running time: A maximum running time (in minutes) can be set in this option, in order to stop the Process after that time has passed. This helps you stop Processes that you are certain they should not be running after a predefined period of time.

5. Process expiration time after robot disconnect: Set the maximum allowed time (in minutes) to elapse after the Robot which is executing the Process disconnects before canceling/stopping the Process execution.