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Get Credential Action

This action retrieves the specified Credential from the Control Desk > Settings > Credential Manager [a] and stores them inside a variable [b] for later use.


eaa.pngGet Credential:

Select the name of the Credential you wish to get. If no Credentials are available, contact Process Robot administrator.

eab.pngStore Credential into:

Enter a name to be the variable that will hold the Credential.

-If you do not understand how to work with credentials please read the following topics:

a) How to Update Credentials within a Process:

To update any given credential stored in a Variable, a minimum of three actions is required in the following order:

a) Get Credential: this action will allow you to store the credential you wish to update, within a Variable.

b) Set Variable: Set Variable or any other action that will give you the opportunity to access (see How to work with Credentials section later on) and set the value of a Credential Property; effectively creating an updated Credential.

c) The Update Credential action (this action): that allows you to save the changes of the updated Credential.


The Screenshot above is showing you how these actions combine in the Workspace in order to Update Credentials within a Process.

b) How to work with Credentials:

Credentials are a special data type on Process Robot that allows you to store and access safely, sensitive information like passwords and addresses. After selecting the Credential you want to work with through the drop down menu of Get Credential and store it into the Variable provided in the Store Credential Into, you can access any of that Credential's Values as a regular Data type Property, readily available to you via the Gear [1] Icon and the resulting treeview [2] control element:


You can also access the Value you are interested in using bracket [""] notation in case you have used an irregular, custom named Credential Property that does not follow the syntax rules necessary to enable access via dot (.) notation.

For example, the added "This is not dot notation compatible" Credential (2) Property below:


it won't be accessible via the Gear Icon options, since it is not following valid dot notation syntax:


To access this Value, we should use bracket notation in the following manner:


This will indeed append the value of that Credential Property on the selected text file.