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Get Password From CyberArk Action

This Action retrieves a password for a specific application from CyberArk.


Server Address:

Specify the base URI for the web request.

Application Id:

Specify the Application Id to use for the web request.


Specify the Safe on Cyberark in which the Application belongs.


Specify the folder necessary for the web request query.


Specify the object necessary for the web request query.

Extra data:

Specify the extra data if any for the web request's query.

Accept Untrusted Certificates:

Choose whether the server should accept untrusted certificates.

Certificate Location:

If you need a certificate for the request, select the desired way to load it.

When choosing 'Load Certificate from Windows Store', the 'Certificate Path' field appears, along with the 'Use Only Valid Certificate' option, and the 'Find Certificate' button.

When choosing 'Load Certificate from File', the 'Certificate file path' and 'File Password' fields appear.

Use Only Valid Certificate:

Check this if you want only valid certificates to be loaded from the store.

Find Certificate button:

Opens the Certificate Selector window, where a list of the certificates available in the store is displayed.

Certificate Path:

This shows the Path of the certificate selected from the store.

Certificate file path:

Enter the path to your certificate.

File Password:

Enter the password for your certificate file.

Cyberark Password:

Enter a name to be the variable that holds the password retrieved from CyberArk.

Store Response into:

Enter a name to be the variable that you want to store the API response result in.


Specify the time (in seconds) that the action should wait for getting results from Cyberark before it fails.