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Get Special Folder Action

This Action retrieves the path of a Windows' special folder (such as Desktop, My Pictures, Internet Cache, etc).


Special Folder Name:

Choose the name of the Special Folder (like My Documents or Desktop). This will be independent of path, so the Special Folder can be found on any computer regardless of path specifics. The Special Folder Path for the current computer will be displayed in the field below.

Store Special Folder Path into:

Enter a name to be the Variable that will contain the Special Folder object (which is a Folder object, and can access the folder and all its information).

More Information:

This command is extremely useful if you plan to send a compiled Process to many people. Let's say you're unzipping a file to the end user's desktops. The path would look something like this: "C:\Users\Jane Doe\Desktop". Obviously, this will only work if "Jane Doe" is the current user. If "John Doe" tried to run the Process it would fail. This action could be used to solve such problems by replacing the names of folders when needed automatically.