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Global Variables

Global Variables are variables that can be set and used from all the Robots and Processes. You can create your Global Variables in the "Settings > Global Variables" in the Control Desk by clicking on the "New" button.


After pressing on the New button then you are prompted to enter:


Name: The Name of the Global Variable.

Description: A description about what the Global Variable is used for.

Type: The type of the Global Variable which can be set to be Text, Numeric, Boolean or List.

Read Only: Check this box if you wish the variable to be "Read Only". It makes sense that you will not be able to use the "Set Global Variable" action on this variable, if you do so.

Value-Edit: Press on the Edit button to write the value of the Variable.

Once you have specified all the fields above based on your desired settings, then you can click on "Add" and your Global variable will be created.


The actions that can set and get a Global Variable's value are the "Set Global Variable" and "Get Global Variable" respectively.

In every Global Variable you can assign an Environment from the Environments that you have previously set in the "Settings > Environments" in the Control Desk.

A Global Variable can be assigned to more than one Environments having a different value for each one. For example, the phone mumber of each department can be saved in a Global Variable which will have a different value for each one. From the screenshot in the beginning of this topic, if you run a Process in the Human Resources Environment then the "Get Global Variable" action will give you the Human Resources department phone number "21455555".


Assign a Global Variable to an Environment:

In order to assign an Environment to a Global Variable first click on the Global Variable you want to assign to a different Environment [1] and then click on [2] "Assign to Environment". Chose the desired Environment from the drop-down list of the resulting pop-up Window [3], click on the Edit button to set the value that the variable will have for this environment and then click the Assign button [3].