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Groups make it really easy to handle your Robot Pools simply by allowing you to group Robots together. Below is the Groups Tab in the Control Desk 's Settings in which you are able to view the Groups that you have created, Create a new Group from the "New Group" option, "Edit" an existing one, or "Delete" it.


In order to understand how Groups work, first you need to note that in the "Settings > Robots" tab there is a Group column. When you create or edit a new Robot in the Settings, you are able to assign it to a specific Group.

For example let's say that for your Marketing Department you need to create 57 Robots. You will have to assign each Robot to the Marketing Group from the relative option every time you create one. At the end all your 57 Robots will be in the Marketing Group.

Now, when you wish to create a Robot Pool for your Marketing Robots, you have two options as far as adding Robots is concerned. You can either add the Robots to the Pool one by one, or add the whole Marketing Group in one move.

This will save you a lot of time as you will not have to add Robots individually, but add a Group that contains them all.

So instead of adding additional Robots to a Robot Pool, you can simply assign them to a Group when creating them.