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Once you open the Control Desk, the Home Tab is the default tab that you will see.


In the Home Tab you will be provided with information regarding the Processes, the Robots that are currently working and the License Utilization.

Processes: The Number of Processes that are running or queued are displayed here. There is also indications about the Processes that were executed, completed, canceled, failed in the last day (24 hours).

Robots Currently Working: Right below, you will be able to see the Solobots and Sidebots information that are currently working.

License Utilization: At the bottom of the Home tab the License Utilization is displayed, so that you can have an overall look at the components currently utilized according to your purchased licenses.

The overall design helps you get a very good idea of what is happening in your ProcessRobot just by taking a look at the Home tab, due to the neat graphic display.