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How to set a Trigger to a Process

Triggers are attached to a Process outside of the Action steps and so in the Control Desk, not in the Process Designer.

To create a Trigger and attach it to an existing Process, click on the "Triggers" tab and in the Create menu group select "New". In the menu that pops up will have to choose the type of the Trigger that you want to attach to a Process.

All the Trigger Types are described in detail in the "Trigger Types" topic:

  1. Email Monitor Trigger Email Monitor Trigger

  2. Event Log Monitor Trigger Event Log Monitor Trigger

  3. File Monitor Trigger File Monitor Trigger

  4. Idle Monitor Trigger

  5. Ping Trigger Ping Trigger

  6. Service Monitor Trigger Service Monitor Trigger

  7. Process Monitor Trigger Process Monitor Trigger

After selecting and configuring the Trigger you wish, a Dialog pops up where you are prompted to select the Process to which you will attach the trigger.


Once you have created the Trigger, then you will see it in the Triggers tab.


Let say that you wish to monitor the Desktop for any .txt file creation on one Sidebot and run a Process on all Robots included in the Marketing Robot Pool. The Trigger should look like the following:


There are two kind of Targets in ProcessRobot as far as Triggers are concerned. The Deployment Target and the Execution Target.

As a Deployment Target, you can indicate where you want the trigger event to take place, or in our example on which machine(s) you are monitoring the Desktop for the creation of a *.txt file.

The Execution Target is where you want the Process to run, after the trigger event has occurred.

So, the trigger event will happen on the Deployment Target but the Process will run on the Execution Target.

Therefore, if you want to monitor the desktop of a specific Robot, i.e a Sidebot, then you should create a Target that will include this Sidebot and set it as Deployment Target. Having done so, you should then specify the Execution Target, which will include all robots the Process will run on, once the trigger event has happened on the Sidebot (which is the Deployment Target).

Important Note: In order for Triggers to work, you MUST make sure that the Process on which you have assigned the Trigger is in the "Production" state of its lifecycle. Else, the Triggers will not fire.