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If Window Contains Action

This Action checks whether a specific piece of text or a Window element exists inside a Window.

Option 1: Check for Window Element (Exists/Does not Exist)


You can select the window from your Control Repository or Add it in the Repository.

Option 2: Check for Text (Exists/Does not Exist)


This option checks the text inside the Window to determine whether a specified subtext exists or not.


Text to Check for:

Enter the text you want check for.

Check if Element is ("Contains Element"/"Does not Contain Element" should be selected):

Sometimes the target element may be present, but disabled. This property allows you to check whether the target element, if found, is also in a specific state (Enabled or Disabled). The "If" statement will execute its actions only when the target element is both present and in the required state when this property is checked.


Choose the Control for the element from your Repository or Add it if it is not already there.