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Interaction with JAVA-based applications

In case you are trying to automate the use of  a Java - based application, there are some particular settings, that you need to make sure, they are in place.

First, you need to make sure tat Java is installed on the machine. Please note that ProcessRobot can interact with Java applications on machines with Java 6 or higher.

Please note, that the bit rate of your Java installation, needs to be the same as the bit rate that ProcessRobot runs.

Moreover, please navigate to the "Control Panel >  Ease of access Center > Make the computer easier to see" and make sure that the option "Enable Java Access Bridge" under "Other programs installed" is ticked as shown in the screen-shot below.


NOTE: Please make sure that you are running both the Java-based application and ProcessRobot under the same user (e.g. if the application runs under a simple user, ProcessRobot should not run under an Administrator).