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Lists are collections of items of not necessarily the same type. You can create a list through the “Create New List” action (under “Variables” category) and add an item to that list through the “Add Item to List” action. You can also create a list through actions that generate lists as output (e.g. “Read text from file” will return a list if you select to store the file’s contents as a list and "Get Files in Folder" action will return a List of Files).

In order to retrieve a specific item of a list, you will have to use the following notation:


Keep in mind that the “ItemNumber” should be 0 for the first item of the list, 1 for the second and so on.

For example, if you have a list that is stored in the variable %MyList% and contains 10 items, you can retrieve the first item with: %MyList[0]% and the last item with %MyList[9]%.

Very often the "For Each" loop is used for iterating through the items of a list.