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In Settings > Machines, designate machines to be used with ProcessRobot. These can be added either from the Active Directory, or as ProcessRobot machines. Both approaches are described below. Machines to be used as SoloBots must be added in this Tab before creating the SoloBot.

Click 'New Machine' to open the 'Create New Machine' window. In the 'Machine Type' field, select whether the new machine should be added from the Active Directory or as a ProcessRobot machine.


Active Directory machines:

Having selected 'Active Directory' in 'Machine Type', the user must then click the 'Select Machine' button to the right of the 'Assign to' field. Doing so will open the 'Select Computer' window. In the 'Enter the object name to select' field, enter a machine name to search for in the Active Directory domain. Then click 'Check Names'.


ProcessRobot will search the Active Directory for machine names that include the search term. If one or more relevant results are found, they will appear in the window underneath. Click 'OK' to select the machine.


The Active Directory machine will now appear in the 'Machine Name' and 'Assign to' fields of the 'Create New Machine' window.


Click 'OK' to add the machine to ProcessRobot.


ProcessRobot machines:

Having selected 'ProcessRobot' in 'Machine Type', the user must enter a 'Machine Name'. This can be an arbitrary value. It serves only as an identifier for the machine within ProcessRobot. It does not need to correspond to the machine's name. The machine does not need to belong to an Active Directory domain.


Having provided a Machine Name, the user must click the 'Generate Key' button to key a custom key for this machine.


Click 'OK' to add the machine to ProcessRobot.