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The fourth tab in the Process' Properties is the "Maker-Checker" tab.

As Maker we define the Process that has just run on a Robot or Robot Pool.

As Checker we define another Process that will run right after the Maker is completed, in order to make sure that the Maker did its job correctly and double check that everything went smoothly.

A very simple example; lets say that you wish to enter a new contact in your database. The Maker will update the database with the appropriate info, so the Checker could be a Process that would query the database to see if the contact was successfully created.


Run Checker: If this box is checked then the Checker will run right after the completion of the Maker.

Checker Process: Here you will specify the path of the Process that will be the Checker for this Maker.

Location: Select whether you wish the Checker to run Locally or on another Pool.

If Checker fails move Maker and Checker to Erroneous state: If this box is checked then the maker as well as the checker will go to an Erroneous State, so that you can later on review what went wrong.