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Manage Controls Repository

You can right click on an item in the Control Repository to:

1. Manage the Selectors that were generated from ProcessRobot to change them or make your own if you believe that they can be more efficient. In case you want you can also add variables in the selectors.

2. Find Usages of the control. You may want to identify which action is currently using this control.

3. Rename the control. You may want to give a different name to the control.

4. Delete the control, in case you no longer wish to have it in your Repository.


To manage the selectors of a control, you can either double click on it, or right click and select "Manage Selectors". On the window that pops-up the selectors for the element will be listed.They are usually more than one and they work in the notion that if the first one fails to access the element, the Process will fall back to the second one. If the second one still fails to access the element the Process will fall back to the third so forth. The action will error out only if all the selector fail.

You can click on the "Remove Unused Controls", in order to clear the "Control Repository" from any controls that in the end where not used by your script.