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Managing Functions

Functions work exactly like most Windows applications. You can select an Action by clicking on it, or multiple Actions using Ctrl or Shift in conjunction with the mouse. Once you have selected the Action(s), you may delete them using the Delete option; or cut or copy them using the Edit menu, the Cut and Copy Icons. You may also Drag them to another part of the Process.


You can click on a function in the Functions pane and move it up or down for reordering. You can also close them, if you do not want them to be visible in your workspace. Keep in mind that if you run the Process from the designer then each Function will be visible the moment that it is executed.


When you right click on a Function in the Function's pane, you have 3 options:

1. "New Function", to create a new Function

2. "Delete Function", to Delete the selected function(s)

3. "Rename Function", to give another name to an existing Function