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Managing Users Through Active Directory

Add new ProcessRobot Users and assign Roles to them in the Users Tab. Click "New User(s)" to create a new User:


Doing so will launch the 'Add Users' Wizard; press Next to continue.


Choose the source of the new User(s), either imported from Active Directory or added using custom authentication, then press Next.


Upon choosing to import Users from Active Directory, you will be prompted to choose between either selecting individual Users to import, or selecting an entire Active Directory Group to be imported.


Select the "Individual Active Directory user(s)" option to add existing Users from an Active Directory domain to ProcessRobot. Note that the User must have already been created in the domain prior to adding them to ProcessRobot. Click "Add" to open the 'Select User' window. In this window, click 'Locations...' to choose the domain. Enter a User's name in the text box and click 'Check Names' to search for that User in the specified domain.


You may add any number of Users you wish by pressing the "Add" button and repeating this process, or remove unwanted Users from the list by selecting them and pressing the "Remove" button.


Alternatively, when selecting the "Active Directory Group" option, click "Select" to open the 'Select Group' window. As before, click 'Locations...' to choose the domain. Enter a Group's name in the text box and click 'Check Names' to search for that Group in the specified domain.


When a group is selected, its Users will be displayed in the Wizard. These Users will be added to ProcessRobot when the Wizard finishes.


When done, press "Next" to proceed to the next step.

Finally, select which Roles you wish to assign to the Users that will be added. The available Roles will be those that have been created in the Control Desk Settings > Roles Tab.


Note that all Users imported will be assigned these Roles. In order to customize individual Users' Roles, this will have to be done after the Users have been added; alternatively, they will have to be imported individually.

Check the "Create a new Sidebot for each added user" option in order to automatically create a Sidebot for each of the Users that will be added. These Sidebots may then be further edited in the Robots Tab of the Control Desk Settings.


When done, click "Next" and then "Finish" to complete the process.

Any Groups imported from Active Directory will be displayed in the Active Directory Users list; any ProcessRobot Users imported through Groups will be listed under the respective Group.


In order to synchronize the Users in an Active Directory Group with ProcessRobot, press the "Update Users" button.


This will launch the Update Users Wizard; press Next to continue.


Choose whether all, or only one, Group(s) will be updated. If the latter option is selected, pick the Group to be updated. Note that the Group must have already been added to ProcessRobot in order to appear on the drop-down list. Press Next to continue.


A list of changes will be displayed, including the Users who were added, and the Users that were removed from the Groups in question.


As with new Users, select which Roles you wish to assign to any Users that will be added.


Click "Finish" to complete the synchronization.

Important: only ProcessRobot Users that have been added with the Active Directory Type can be assigned as Web Console Users.