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The Monitor Tab on the Web Console consists of two screens accessible through a horizontal tab menu on the top left:

a) The Overview


b) The Processes Info


a) The Overview

The Overview Screen allows you to check the number of active or queued processes [1] as well as the number and status of all terminated processes [2] in the length of time that is specified at the Time Range Setter [3]:


The Cumulative Flow Diagrams ([1], [2]) are being produced instantly for the time range you are interested in, helping you to understand how can you divide the workload carried from your Process Robot resources over time.

Under these two panes, we found the License Utilization [3] and Currently Working panes [4], [5] that inform you quickly and accurately through their interactive graphs about the number of Robots you are able to deploy in order to satisfy your automation needs.

b) The Processes Info

Processes Info is giving you detailed information about Processes they are currently running or have run successfully during the last hour: