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Move Window Action

This action sets the position of a specific window


Get Window:

Choose whether the action looks for the Window using a UIAutomation Instance Variable or a combination of Window Title/Class.

Depending on the Get Window option you will have some of the following inputs:


Click on Select Control from Repository button and a box with all controls will appear. Hover over camera icon to preview the control's image.

Window Instance:

Enter the variable of a variable that contains a UI Automation Instance, acquired by a Get Window Action.

Window Title:

Choose title of window. You can use wildcards, like '?' or '*'. If you can't find the window title in the dropdown list, type it yourself, or open it and press the Refresh button to the right.

Window Class:

Optional: If you have two windows with the same title, Window Class may help differentiate between them. In this case, enter the class of the window you wish to use. Otherwise, leave this blank.

New Window Position:

Set the position of the top left corner of the Window on the X and Y coordinates, based on the pixels of the screen.