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Process Studio Window

ProcessStudio allows you to create and manage Processes [1] and User Libraries [2] via the options in its main vertical tab menu:


If you want to create or manage your User Libraries (2) please click on the appropriate tab and follow this link that describes in detail your options.

If on the other hand you want to create or manage your Processes (1) please continue reading. The Console's Processes Tab allows you to:


wc.png Create:

In the Create group you can create a New Process, create a new folder to save your Processes in, Import/Export a Process in/out of the console.Create a new Process

ea2.png Edit:

In the Edit group you can Edit a Process in the Process Designer by clicking on the "Process Designer" option, Delete a Process, Select all Processes in the folder that you are currently in, Rename/Cut/Copy/Paste a Process.

ea3.png Lifecycle:

The Process Lifecycle is explained in the Processes topic. A process is passed in the in the Process Studio for Development. Once development is done then the Process will be passed to the Review state and will be available in the Control Desk>Processes.

ea4.png Version Control:

In this pane you are able to view the History of a Process. You can view information about the Process's versions and the stage of Lifecycle that each version is or has been in the past.

ea5.png Find:

This facility allows you to find easily your Processes no matter how complex is your Folder structure.

ea6.png The Processes' Folders List pane:

In this pane you are able to view your saved Processes' folders structure.

ea7.png The Processes List pane:

In this pane you can see all the Processes that are saved in a specific folder. You can click on a folder in the Processes' Folder pane and all its Processes will be listed in the Processes list pane.

The Columns in the Processes List pane can be rearranged should you click and drag them according to your desirable display.