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ProcessRobot Records (Logging)

In ProcessRobot, all the Processes that run through Robots are logged so that you can look at the history of any or all Processes.

Process completion are listed as successful, unsuccessful, or stopped by user.

If a Process is executed through the Process Designer in the Process Studio, it is considered to be debugging, not a run, so the event is not going to be recorded in the Audit.

When you run the Process through a Robot or due to a Trigger or Schedule, the Process will be logged.

To view the Logs for a Process you can either right click on it and select "Show Logs for Process(es)" or hit Ctrl+L, or you can select it in the Select Processes pane in the Logs tab. When you want to see older Logs, or more details, simply set the options as per the Audit Tab description.

If the Process itself encounters an error or bug, it is also logged into the logs database as an "Internal Exception". Open the Audit tab and review the error Log. If you don't know what to do, ProcessRobot tech support can use this information to aid you quickly and efficiently.

The Export Option in the Audit Tab opens another Window that allows you to save the logs in an *.xls or *xlsx or *.csv file. Please, note that only the logs being currently displayed, based on the filter that you may have applied, will be shown in the exported file. Therefore, make sure that you either have no filters if you wish to export all the logs, OR apply the filter you are interested in to get only the log entries that interest you.

A Process can record an additional custom log entry through the "Log Message" action. These events are recorded both when the Process runs through a Robot and the Process Designer.