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Publishing User Libraries

All code development on Process Robot is subject to a versioning Lifecycle that involves two steps:

a) Saving and Committing changes on a Designer

b) Publishing a sequence of Actions via the Studio

User Libraries are not exempted of this reality. This article can be seen as an easy-to-follow guide on how to go through the Lifecycle of a User Library.

a) Saving and Committing changes

Saving and committing changes in User Libraries is straightforward and simple.

After creating a User Library we can select to Save and Commit any changes through the Save Button’s drop down “Save and Commit” option (Save can be found first from the left in the Designer’s main Toolbar).


This will launch the Commit Process Dialog Box inviting us to set the name of the Version along with a message about this specific Version.


Following this, the new commit will immediately appear in the History Dialog Box of the specific User Library available through the Version Control History Button of the main User Libraries Toolbar in Process Studio.


This Version of the Library however won’t become Published unless we decide to do so, through an equally simple and straightforward publishing process.

b) Publishing a User Library

To publish any Version of a User Library simply right-click on the Library of your choice in the User Libraries main viewport and then select Publish (alternatively you can highlight the Library of your choice and then click on the main Toolbar’s Publish Button).


This will launch “The Version to Publish” dialog box that is giving you the option to select the Version of your Library you actually want published and then click OK (clicking Cancel will close the Dialog Box without saving your choice).  


A key concept that you need to have in mind throughout the process of developing User Libraries is that there can only be one Version of a User Library published at any time.

You can change which Version of your Library is published whenever you want, by simply selecting the Version you wish to publish from the dialog box and then press OK.


The Publish Button in the Studio’s main Toolbar allows you to quickly control which version of your User Library is published through the Version to Publish dialog box, while the History Button (Version Control) allows you to quickly review which Version is published through the History dialog box.